Kukra Hill / Bluefields / Pearl Lagoon, 2017

The following body of work centers itself on a trip I did in 2017 to the south atlantic coast of Nicaragua. A trip told between three towns. My proposal was to photograph the native people of Kukra Hill, Bluefields and Pearl Lagoon respectively and to document the native epistemes of the Afro-descendant and indigenous people, without ignoring, naturally, our particular socio-historical conditions. In these epistemes there lies a network of knowledge and practices not only sustainable of resources, but also of structuring exercises of community life that act as a containment against extractive practices in the fields of agroecology, traditional health, domestic economy, communality, and the sustainability of ecosystems under integrated constructions linked to their forms of socio-cultural organization, such as ancestral security and intercommunity that has managed, despite violence, to resist colonization and deterritorialization throughout Nicaragua's modern history.